AZF 6-33 self-erecting tents with fully inflatable frame

Ready to use within minutes, the AZF series is the ideal solution for all emergency situations. Durable, they can be efficiently deployed on any type of terrain.
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Width6.30 m
Ridge height3.15 m
Length5.15 m
Eaves height2.40 m
Base area33 m┬▓
Weight160.00 kg
Operating pressure0.30 bar


Main beams and ridge beams inflatable, made of airtight double-sided PVC coated polyester fabric [1,100 g/m²], fixed to the cover and floor. Eaves purlins made of aluminium. Easy replacement of cover and frame. The tents can be set up in 4-7 minutes, depending of the tent size. A pressure relief valve prevents excessive pressure in the frame.

Tent skin

Tent skin is made of double-sided PVC coated polyester fabric [750 g/m²]; flame resistent, waterproof and mildew resistant.


Floor covering of double-sided PVC coated polyester fabric [750 g/m²]. Available with non-slip embossing as option [850 g/m²].

Other colors available on request.