Mobile Water Purification Solutions for Rescue Workers

Mobile Water Purification Systems for Rescue Workers, Civil Defence, Rescue Services, Fire Brigades and Military
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Width285 mm
Height675 mm
Length575 mm
Operating pressuremax. 6 bar
Purification capacitymax. 70 l/min
SocketIP 54
Application areaCivil Defence, Triage, Field Hospitals, First Aid Posts, Military, Decontamination and Hazardous Goods Operations, Accommodation and Catering, Police/Gendarmerie
Input pressuremax. 3 bar
Raw water sourcelow pressure supply sources
Suction depthmax. 8 m
Voltage230 V
Max temperature45┬░C
Weight0.00 kg
Mobile drinking water systems for military use: operating bases and sites, patrol bases in missions abroad, humanitarian aid: refugee aid, flood disasters, earthquakes or relief missions: municipal emergency water supply. CLADIS mobile water purification systems are highly mobile, very economical and easy to operate, thus making them ideal in a multitude of applications, like field hospitals, relief work, military camps, schools and household water.